Mr. Man’s Shadow boxes

I have so many things with which I have a very hard time parting. I’ve resolved to make an effort to start displaying these things in shadow boxes.

I’ve found the 40% off coupons at Hobby Lobby and Michaels to make this project a little more cost effective. Better yet, our local stores don’t require me to print the coupons. They scan it right from my smartphone.

I have had the one project in the works for a very long time. We found an open front shadow box that I fell in love with because of all of the built in compartments. I had planned to take pictures of my favorite aspects of Simon’s tiny features (hands, nose, thumb sucking, etc) but I couldn’t resist using all of those big grins.


I’m not going to lie, this project was not as cost effective as I would have liked. I bought several different sheets of scrapbook paper, the box itself, and as many tiny things I could find in the store. I made the dreadful mistake of impulse planning my project in a retail setting. Everything ties back to him, though. I find it very special because of all the hidden meaning.

The second shadow box is traditional glass enclosed. I love it because it contains everything he came home from the hospital with, including his bow tie!


I hope to do more boxes. It was nice to not have to worry about losing all those important little bits and pieces. I have actually gotten rid of most of store bought decorative wall art to make room for more of my projects.


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