Marvel Nursery

It’s old news to most, but I am pretty proud of Mr. Man’s nursery.

It all started with a fabric covered lamp:

The tutorial said it would only take ten minutes. I spent at least an hour trying to cut the fabric correctly.

The next two I came up with on my own. He needed a mobile he would never look at and a fancy monogram to celebrate the awesome name we had painstakingly picked out.


Then we worked on a nice superhero themed wall mural:


Mr. Man’s Dad contributed a wide selection of comic books for a wall border as well as posters and Marvel figurines.


We also used wrapping paper and mod podge to personalize his bookcase.


And finally! The grand finale! Captain America’s Shield.


It took me nearly four months from start to finish to accomplish my light up shield(and no small amount of cursing as lights burnt out), but it turned out pretty awesome.

I’m pretty happy with how it all turned out. Mr. Man couldn’t care less if he tried.


9 thoughts on “Marvel Nursery

      • Love this story, would love to share it. Stay positive, creative and keep on lovin the Mr. Man’s of the world… it’s what makes good men. KC@FFWives

      • Sure! I took an the tops of two occasional tables ( and penciled on the design using a string tacked down in the middle of the table to provide the tension to draw circles. I free handed the star then drilled holes for the lights and four holes for the bolts that would connect the two table tops. The bolt holes were on the north, south, east and west portions of the sheild assuming the top of the star is north. I painted the whole thing with spray paint primer then white and used masking tape to cover anything I wanted to stay white or red. I had to be exact with the tape so I used an exacto knife to cut the edges. Then I did a layer of blue spay paint. I prefer Krylon because of their twistable nozzles. After the blue was dry I taped it removed the tape from what I wanted red and repeated the painting with red spray paint. At this point I stacked the two table tops and drilled the holes for the bolts on the second table top. For the lights I had to make sure that I had the same brand for all three colors. I went through one blue, one white and two red. I stapled the end of one strand in the middle and started pushing in lights in as circular a pattern as possible. You’ll want to make sure that your lights are plugged into the wall so that they will turn off and on as you remove bulbs. That way if one isn’t pushed in properly you aren’t goiing through then entire shield trying to find the one bulb that is busted. I started with a white strand of lights and when it came time to switch to blue I pulled it off the blue strand and plugged it into the white. Every four or five bulbs I would add another staple so the cord was tight enough to not tangle but loose enough to be able to change out bulbs in the future. Once I had gone around and filled every hole with a bulb, I pushed the bolts with a washer through each of the holes on the front of the shield. I then put another washer on the back of the first table and threaded a nut to keep the sheild in place. Repeat for each of the four bolt holes.I threaded a second nut down to where I wanted the second table to lie. That was just low enough to where the second table would sandwich the light cords together. I put down another set of washers before threading on the second table. Then I put on more washers and bolts on the back of the second table to keep it solid. I used picture hanging wire on the east and west bolts to provide me with a way to hang it on the wall. It is a time consuming project but totally worth it!

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