Wish Upon A Star

People in the broad classification of lower middle class may jokingly talk about hitting the jackpot and spending luxuriously, but their real dreams are much, much simpler.

We want to have the option to open the front door and cool off the neighborhood. We want to be able to stand with the fridge door open for an hour while we decide what we want to eat. We want to run around the house flipping on every light switch.

We want to be able to pay people to do jobs around the house we hate doing. We want to have people to mow our lawn and edge our driveway. We want to have the luxury of dry cleaning our dry clean only clothes instead of just never wearing them.

We want jobs where we feel fulfilled and appreciated. We want careers where we actually want to be at work, not just get paid to be there.

We want to go out to eat without feeling guilty.

I'm watching.

Feel the menu judging.

We want to be able to want things.

We want to go to the doctor and not worry about letters that come from his office. We want a teeth cleaning at a dentist office every six months. We want root canals and preventative dental work.

We want to never have to choose between paying bills on time and buying our kids birthday gifts. We want Christmases where we run out of wrapping paper before we run out of gifts to wrap.

We want to answer the phone without screening for collection agencies. We want to actually check our credit scores without dreading the result. Believe it or not, we would rather make enough money to pay during tax time than get a refund.

We want to sign- up for automatic bill pay and not worry about the timing over-drafting our bank accounts. We don’t want to jump on the defensive every time the bank calls.

We want to not be pitied. We want to give charity instead of always being on the receiving end of it.

We want to live in our humble homes without constantly worrying about the next costly repair. We want to provide for our families and loved ones.

The underlying message of all of our wants:

We want to stop worrying.

Believe me, we all know we have to scrimp and save and plan to get to a non-worrying state. We are willing to work to get there. Just do us a favor, keep these wants in mind. Remember how simple and plain they are and how they are things you might take for granted. Be a little nicer to the working folk that have these dreams. Give that waitress a better tip then she may have deserved. Make small talk with that cashier that is having a hard day. We don’t want a hand out. We are trying to better ourselves. It would be nice, though, if you would cut us a little slack when we serve you.


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